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Kyoto to Copenhagen is a collaborative effort between the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education and Office of Global Education at Dickinson College.  Course and overall program development is handled by the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education.  Study abroad logistics and support are handled by the Office of Global Education.  Please see the following contact information for specific areas of inquiry.

The course, including both instructors and delegation members, have access to a shared email account.  If you have a question that you would like all of us to weigh in on, please contact

Course Instructors and Program Leadership

Malinda Mochizuki
Program Assistant

Brian Brubaker
Associate Director for Study Abroad

The Office of Global Education (OGE) coordinates and supervises all of the college’s international programming. All global initiatives are housed under OGE, creating a vibrant center that unifies academic and administrative efforts. Faculty members from across the college support the development and coordination of international programming, creating a dynamic combination of centralized and de-centralized management. This assures a high standard of quality control and cross-fertilization among international programs.   The Dickinson global education model can be characterized by sustained, in-depth study; an imaginative variety of opportunities that reach across disciplines; and close integration of study elsewhere with the program on the home campus.

For information about the two week, study abroad component of the Kyoto to Copenhagen course, or more information about globally integrated programs at Dickinson College, please contact the Office of Global Education as referenced above.

Homepage: Office of Global Education at Dickinson College


About the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education

The Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education at Dickinson College was established in 2008 with a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and matching funds from the college, to guide a new curricular initiative to make study of the environment a defining characteristic of a Dickinson education. The initiative, which was developed by administrators and faculty from the three divisions of the college, is designed to build on a history of excellence at the college for environmental, interdisciplinary and global education.  The center works with all members of the Dickinson community to integrate study of the environment and sustainability across the college curriculum and link classroom learning with co-curricular programs, greening of campus operations, and civic engagement, both globally and locally. The center will emphasize interdisciplinary learning, active pedagogies, and global sensibility and responsibility.

Visit CESE's webpage at Dickinson College for more information.