Application review is finished and the Dickinson delegation has been selected!  Many thanks to all who applied - with an outstanding 34 applications to chose from, it was a long and difficult process to chose the final group of selected participants. 

Look for an email confirmed your applicant status as "accepted," "waitlisted," or "deferred," in the next few days. 

To everyone - again, congratulations!  With so many stellar students interested in climate change negotiations on campus, the Fall semester leading up the negotiations is sure to be rich with academic experience and interest.


The first round of application review has been completed, and staff are now entering into the final round of review.  Be on the look out this month for updates from the Office of Global Education on the status of your application.


Did you forget something?  Permission from an instructor?  If you have not already done so, secure final permission from all professors whose courses you have enrolled in for the Fall 2009 semester in order to secure their permission to participate in the Copenhagen trip during the last week of classes and finals.


Over 100 students have expressed interest in the course! 

With such a diverse applicant body, the Kyoto to Copenhagen course is sure to be one of the most fulfilling and transdisciplinary experiences of the year.  The review committee is keeping an eye open for students who are passionate about climate change, international negotiations, sustainability, media relations (interviewing, video  production, etc...), and environmental security, but the final team will be selected for their ability to work together, passion and strength of the application materials, and wilingness to engage in a unique experience.


The projected cost of the program is currently being estimated at $2400 without airfare.  More information is available on the Global Education website concerning financial aid carry over, loan assistance, and other payment questions.  Specific inquiries can be forwarded to Malinda Mochizuki, Office of Global Education, 717-245-1341 or


Full application materials are now available!  Check the Course Information site at right to download the application, or visit the Global Education website for more details.

Note: If you are interested in the course, please continue to fill out a Statement of Interest application under the "Course Information" site, as this will help us keep track of individuals who would like to receive updates on the course. 


An information session on the new Kyoto to Copenhagen: Negotiating the Future of the Planet course will be held during finals week at Dickinson College.  All students wishing to hear more information about the course, consult faculty on curriculum details, potential projects, and budget, and discuss their interests and strengths should plan on attending.

Kaufman 155

Wednesday May 6th   1:30-2:30pm