Dickinson College (Carlisle, PA, USA)

Dickinson College, founded in 1783, is a highly selective, private liberal-arts college known for its innovative curriculum. Its mission is to offer students a useful education in the arts and sciences that will prepare them for lives as engaged citizens and leaders. The 180-acre campus of Dickinson College is located in the heart of historic Carlisle, Pa. The college offers 41 majors with an emphasis on international studies, has more than 40 study-abroad programs in 24 countries on six continents and offers 13 modern languages.

Dickinson College is renowned for its commitment to global education. Part of the mission of the college is to create a global campus that includes more than just study abroad so that each student, faculty member, employee, office and department is empowered to learn and act globally. This approach is woven into all aspects of the campus community, from offering fair-trade coffee in The Underground to posting an international signpost that reminds everyone that Dickinson has “campuses” all over the world to ensuring that every student gains facility in at least one foreign language, because one can’t presume to get along with English only. In all these ways, Dickinson gives students the freedom to explore the world and the tools to engage it.

Dickinson is recognized as a leader among educational institutions committed to environmental sustainability and green initiatives. The Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education provides assistance to faculty to develop courses on environmental issues. Dickinson recently won a $1.4 million Mellon grant for sustainability education, and the college was one of 15 to rate an A-, the highest overall grade, on the 2009 Green Report Card administered by the Sustainable Endowments Institute. In July Dickinson was named to The Princeton Review’s "2010 Green Rating Honor Roll" as one of 15 schools with the highest ratings for environmental practices.

Proud of its heritage and true to the vision of its founders, Dickinson College remains committed to its historic mission: to prepare young people, by means of a useful and progressive education in the liberal arts and sciences, for engaged lives of citizenship and leadership in the service of society. As it looks toward the future, Dickinson is ever mindful of its revolutionary roots: unafraid to take risks, to speak out on important issues, to remain decisive and competitive and committed to its own brand of the liberal arts- academically rigorous, useful, and unapologetically engaged with the world.