We have chosen the books for the class!  Don't worry - they will be available in the library soon.

Tickell, Oliver. 2008. Kyoto2, How to Manage the Global Greenhouse. Zed Books, London and New York.

Mann, Michael E. and Lee R. Kump. 2008. Dire Predictions, Understanding Global Warming. DK Publishing, New York. There is a newer hardcover version, but the softcover that we will use is from 2008, ISBN #0756639956.
Andrea D.
8/13/2009 05:19:43 am

Hi, I had a question about the second book. I searched it and came upon two different yet identically titled books. One seems to be slightly longer than the other. I was wondering if you could tell us which of the two versions is the appropriate one. I found the following two ISBN numbers:

ISBN: 0136044352

ISBN: 0756639956


Professor Brylinsky
8/14/2009 12:10:02 am

The softcover, 0756639956, is the one we will likely use. It will be available in the library at the beginning of term.


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